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Rental Inspections: How Often Should Landlords Inspect Their Properties

Rental Inspections: How Often Should Landlords Inspect Their Properties

You own your rental property in Northern Virginia, but that doesn't mean you can control everything. Being the owner also means renting out your property to tenants who lawfully can enjoy the property with limited disruption.

This can complicate things when it comes to rental property inspections. How often can you conduct them? What type of inspections are necessary?

Keep reading for the answers to these questions.

Types of Rental Property Inspections

To understand how often landlords can conduct rental property inspections, you need to know the different types. The frequency of inspections depends on the type of inspection.

For example, a move-in inspection is only conducted when a new tenant moves into the unit. The same goes for move-out inspections. You'll only need to conduct one when a tenant moves out.

For many other inspection types, bi-annual or quarterly inspections are common.

Routine Inspections

Occupied properties require routine inspections to keep the rental in good condition. Routine inspections are a form of preventative care that can save you money over time.

You'll need to provide a tenant with notice that you will be entering the unit for a scheduled inspection. To ensure compliance, create an inspection schedule in advance.

A routine inspection is a great way to uncover potential maintenance problems before they become costly. You'll also be able to confirm whether or not tenants are following their lease terms.

Seasonal Inspections

Northern Virginia experiences all four seasons in a year. Although the climate is moderately temperate, there can be extreme humidity in the summer and ice storms in the winter.

These weather conditions can lead to specific maintenance needs. A seasonal inspection will help landlords keep their property in good condition after a weather-related significant event.

Tenant Maintenance Requests

Protect your investment by allowing tenants to submit maintenance requests when they encounter a problem. This way, you can immediately address an issue without having to wait for an inspection date.

A property management company can implement a tenant portal where renters can make maintenance requests. This efficient process leads to an inspection and fixes as soon as possible.

Landlords are generally responsible for maintenance requests. You can improve tenant relations by eradicating the issue timely.

Property Inspections and Tenant Rights

Virginia law states that tenants have a right to quiet enjoyment of the rental property. This means landlords cannot interfere and enter the unit without cause.

Following these rules and regulations are important to staying compliant. While there is no specific law on how often you can inspect the rental property, you don't want to make a tenant feel invaded.

Inspect the property in moderation and encourage tenants to submit maintenance requests as soon as an issue arises.

Working With a Property Management Company

Rental property inspections are tedious and require an understanding of the law. To stay a compliant Northern Virginia landlord, hire a business that knows the ins and outs of local regulations.

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