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Customized Plans & Pricing

Property Management Services for Homeowners and Investors across Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Full-Service Property Management

Classic, arrangement of tasks, but through Chambers Theory you get more care, better results, and true value-added high-quality service. The property management fee is expressed as a percentage of rents collected for the duration of the account. Here’s what we offer:

  • Marketing the home and screening prospective renters
  • Professional photography of the property is included in the leasing mission
  • Lease preparation and execution
  • Move-in inspection with photos and report
  • An interim inspection with photos and report
  • Tenant move-out inspection at the end of the lease with photos and report
  • Full-array of coordinating repairs & contractor management
  • Rent collection and financial reporting
  • Monthly Fee
  • Leasing Commission Fee
  • Lease Renewal Commission Fee
  • Owner-Find-Tenant Leasing Commission Fee
  • Leasing Commission Guarantee Program & Late Rent Fees Split
  • Marketing the home and screening prospective renters

Optional Programs

  • Professional Photography
  • Inspection
  • Extreme Weather Preparedness Plan
  • Certification Program(s)

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Snowbird & Home Watch Services

For clients who want their home checked on, secured, and serviced seasonally, or regularly with the intention to NOT rent out the home. You leave the home unoccupied for part of the year and you are looking for home visits, picking up mail, project management, extreme weather preparation, and possibly even concierge services. Here’s what this option offers:

  • House visit services that provide regular check-ins, maintenance oversight, and security checks.
  • Reporting services that provide detailed updates on maintenance, security, and overall condition.
  • Security check services that provide regular inspections, ensuring your second home is safe and secure.
  • Interior walkthrough services that provide detailed, real-time updates on the condition and ambiance of your cherished space.
  • Exterior walkthrough services that provide detailed updates on the condition of your property’s facade, landscaping, and outdoor areas.
  • HVAC monitoring services to keep a watchful eye on your second home’s climate systems, ensuring optimal performance and preventing potential issues.
  • Visible water leak check services to keep a vigilant eye on your second home, detecting and addressing potential leaks before they become costly problems.
  • Mechanical systems monitoring services that provide real-time oversight of your second home’s essential systems.

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Home Escrow Account Leasing (HEAL) Management Services

For clients who want property management services at a reduced fee structure and are willing to do more self-participation and responsibility with the property management tasks, themselves. The owner is essentially managing their property but using Chambers Theory as a resource for accounting and escrow organization, in addition to financial reporting. With a HEAL account we will not perform inspections or maintenance coordination but will perform leasing services, and owner may hire us a la carte for inspection services. Here’s what we offer:

  • Reconciling management escrows and paying vendors as well as 1099 tax reporting
  • Professional pictures included in a listing for rent
  • An inspection package is available to Owners and inspection charges will be agreed upon in a separate addendum.

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Home Escrow Account Theory (HEAT) Management Services

For clients who have returned home and want a ‘Management Concierge’ using Chambers Theory as a resource for finance reporting and home management of things like service contracts, utility bills, contractor invoices & payments along with an end-of-year expense report for your home.

Under HEAL & HEAT accounts, Chambers Theory will be a resource and a guide for the owner on repair needs and contractor suggestions but will not facilitate repairs. We will offer after-hour emergency service repair calls, however, the owner is ultimately in charge of property inspections, coordinating the repairs, and managing the contractors directly under this service plan.

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